OpenReaktor#17 @ Reaktor

8 Maja 2013, 18:30-23:00 (Środa)

Reaktor, Warszawa Zobacz na mapie

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

OpenReaktor#17 is coming to the town!

We're super-excited to announce that two startup hustlers, Josef and Mayel of Babelverse (, will join us for this event flying directly from London!
We'll also have Wojtek Mikucki, the founder of Visuu (, joining us from Cracow!

Josef Dunne (, originally from London, England. Recently he's been living & working in Greece, Chile and Argentina. A self-taught developer, he developed his first website in 1996 and took his first Junior Web Developer job in 1997. Since then he has created, grown, and nurtured numerous online communities.
Mayel de Borniol ( mayel2b) calls himself glomad (a word he made up). French originally, but an expat much of his life, he loves to travel and have fun. In the past year he has found himself in almost 20 countries, not that he's really counting. It's less about the destinations, and more about the journey! That's why he would love to know dozens of languages (current count is at around 4), and be able to communicate with everyone.
Wojtek Mikucki ( is a co-founder of Visuu - company focused on solving real life problems with text recognition tools. He is passionate about sport and travelling, which is where he finds most of inspiration for entrepreneurship. Having gained various international experience, he believes that the best place to build a global company is where one’s killer team is.

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You can read about OpenReaktor at: openreaktor
You can watch previous talks at: channels/openreaktor

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